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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders in almost tie with Hillary Clinton in national polls

We're not talking about Iowa where the caucus ended in a tie, or New Hampshire where Bernie has a double-digit lead over Clinton. We're talking about the national polls showing Sanders now within two points of Hillary at 44 to 42. If you recall, Clinton held a 31 point lead just last December. This is a clear indication that Bernie Sanders message is finally being heard and accepted by the American public.

As if this wasn't enough, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll for the general election in November finds Sanders leading Donald Trump in Iowa by a huge landslide margin of 51 percent to 38 percent, and in New Hampshire Mr. Sanders leads Trump by an even larger landslide margin of 56 percent to 37 percent. If Trump is to be the GOP nominee, who of course would be ludicrous, Bernie Sanders is the man to beat him.

Our Democratic Socialist has come a long way but he has stayed his course with a consistency that resonates throughout the country and it looks like the revolution is right around the corner now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If Hillary Clinton's Hispanic support slips...then what?

MSNBC reports that Latinos may be softening on their support for Hillary Clinton. One immigrant activist, Marisa Franco, said, “I think she really personifies that candidate whose talking points are dictated by polls and not by taking a firm position on your values.”

In the caucus following the New Hampshire primary, Nevada, leaders of the most powerful union in the state decided they would not endorse any candidate; the union "...a collective of bartenders, housemaids and cooks, is a massive political machine with more than half its membership of Hispanic origin."

With Martin O'Malley out of the race, the Latino support will now be split between Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In Nevada the Hispanic population is 26.5%, but in New Hampshire it is only 2.8%. Bernie leads Hillary 57% to 34% in New Hampshire, Clinton holding an almost 20-point lead in Nevada.

David Gergen made an interesting statement on the CNN Monday night coverage of the Iowa caucuses. He indicated that Hillary Clinton might take many of the southern states but he felt it was possible that Bernie Sanders could take California, The Latino population there is 37.6% but Sanders main group, the millennials, is 77.6%. That would be a huge victory. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders wins no matter the results

Sanders speaking at Iowa Caucus
By the time you read this today we will know who the winner is in the Iowa Caucuses, But Bernie Sanders has already won with his leap from a single-digit figure when he started the race, to 49.6% in the Iowa caucus, the last I checked last night. Hillary Clinton at 49.8%. Based on the outstanding votes to be counted in Polk and Linn Counties, both heavily liberal, I'm going to bed feeling that the Bern has done it.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

What do we do to revitalize democracy? How can we bring tens of millions of Americans back into the political process? Revitalizing the electoral process is, in some ways, a simple matter.

NEXT: Getting out the vote

U.S. responsible for 82% of all gun deaths in 23 high income nations

The Pew Research Center said in October of 2015 that gun homicides declined in the '90s hitting a plateau between 2009 and 2014 of 11,000 to 12,000 a year. Suicides with guns, on the other hand, increased. But a new study by the National Institute of Health found that...
"While the United States has failed to significantly reduce its annual rate of gun deaths, other high income countries have been making steadier progress, resulting in a wider gap between the U.S. and its international peers when it comes to fatal shootings."
PubMed under the NIH said:
The United States has an enormous firearm problem compared with other high-income countries, with higher rates of homicide and firearm-related suicide. Compared with 2003 estimates, the US firearm death rate remains unchanged while firearm death rates in other countries decreased. Thus, the already high relative rates of firearm homicide, firearm suicide, and unintentional firearm death in the United States compared with other high-income countries increasebetween 2003 and 2010.
Researchers David Hemenway and Erin Grinshteyn found that "...firearm homicide rates were 25 times higher in the U.S. than in other high-income countries." That is compared to 2003 when it was 19.5 times more than comparable countries. As the number of guns on the street goes up, so do the deaths by firearm violence.

The American public must continue to stand up to the gun lobby and put organizations like the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) out of business.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Republican at the podium
Make no mistake about it: the wealthy and their political representatives are working hard to keep people away from the voting booths. They have vigorously opposed legislation that would make it easier for people to vote. They have corrupted campaign financing, so that citizens have lost faith in the political process. They have turned negative campaigning into a high art, with the result that huge numbers of voters demonstrate their disgust with gutter politics by refusing to vote on election day. They have begun the process of dismantling social programs so that citizens increasingly feel that government cannot and will not do anything to meet their needs.

Bernie sanders looking good in Iowa

In the latest Quinnipiac poll released yesterday, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 4 points, 49% to 45%. By demographics Bernie trounces her with men, trails slightly with women, way ahead on the age group 18-24, trails slightly on 45 to 64 year-olds and is way behind in the 65+ age group. An earlier Quinnipiac survey this month...
Clinton and Sanders are not far apart among women. Sanders has a net favorability of plus-81 with women; Clinton's is +69. Among men? Sanders is +88 and Clinton is +29 — a massive gap.
Should Bernie bring more women over to his side, he would have two major groups along with the young. Not sure he'll ever get the older folks 65+ and I believe it has something to do with Sanders Democratic Socialism; they remember Joe McCarthy and his fight against Communism and just seem to mistakenly put the two together. Another factor is that Sanders's support is far heavier among the third of poll respondents who've never been to a caucus before.

But The Washington Post cautions there are red flags. One, in 2008 fewer men voted and traditionally young people don't vote. I say, with the enthusiasm Bernie is getting from men in Iowa, and the fireworks this Presidential election has created, they will go to the caucuses on Feb. 1. And that goes double for the younger vote.

Oh, by the way, The Huff Post combination of several national polls had Bernie Sanders at 35.8% against Hillary Clinton's 51.0% as of January 24. Bernie's up from 33.3% and Hillary's down from 54.8% since January 1. Pretty significant for less than a full month.

FLASH: Does Microsoft have a "Hillary" ulterior motive with Iowa caucus software

The Bernie Sanders camp is suspicious of the offer by Microsoft for the "free" software that will tabulate Iowa caucus results. MSNBC reports "The Sanders campaign has built their own reporting system to check the results from the official Microsoft-backed app." Sanders aides noted that Microsoft employees have donated several hundred thousand dollars to Hillary Clinton over the years.

I did some research on my own to check on thesr donations and came up with the following April 2015 statements from the The Washington Free Beacon:

"Few corporate entities have managed to entwine themselves in the Clinton financial empire more thoroughly than Microsoft, a 20th century technology company that presumably feels great affinity toward a couple of 20th century politicians trying to recapture past glory.
"The feeling is apparently mutual. Hillary used Microsoft software, for example, to operate her now-deleted private email server.
"Microsoft has been supporting the Clintons years. When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, Microsoft was one of her top campaign contributors: the company’s employees and political action committees donated $184,119.
"Microsoft is a regular sponsor of the Clinton Global Initiative, and has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which also sponsors CGI events, has donated more than $25 million to the foundation."
Coincidence, perhaps, but the ties that bind have a funny way of ending up tipping the scales in a favored direction. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

The greater the belief that participation in the political process doesn't really make a difference, the likely it is that people will give up hope that we can ever attain a just society and a decent standard of living.

Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if Bernie Sanders isn't nominated?

Sanders Warren ticket
One voter said Clinton is “bought and paid for,” another said he wouldn't vote for Clinton unless Elizabeth Warren was on the ticket. Yet one more said the "dream" ticket would be Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Those are three viewpoints that do indicate a definite preference, but don't demonstrate a voting population that would stay home from the polls without Bernie. And they shouldn't. All you need to confirm this is to look at who leads the GOP ticket. Donald Trump.

If you want that maniac in office, or for that matter, any of his fellow candidates, especially Ted Cruz, then stay home on November 8. Most agree that "...a low-energy, low-turnout election in November would be disastrous for Democrats," according to the Washington Times. Jeff Weaver, Sanders campaign manager, feels his candidate is the one to wake up new progressive candidates and bring them out in November. says, “The head of one of the two big political parties in the United States is trying to manipulate the presidential election process by limiting direct debate and tilting the national party apparatus in favor of one candidate. This is unacceptable,” A Democratic county chairman in Iowa, Jason Frerichs agrees. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was co-chair of Hillary's campaign in 2008. There’s no doubt she’s putting her fingers on the scale, limiting the number of sanctioned debates,” Mr. Frerichs said.

And now Michael Bloomberg says he might run if Hillary Clinton isn't nominated. Looking at Bernie Sanders momentum and his recent surge in the polls, don't think the Bern will worry, although Bloomberg could take away some votes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

It is in the interest of those who have great wealth and immense corporate power to weaken democracy. The less power the people have the fewer checks there are on those who already control the American economy and its resources.

Obama talks 2008 and Bernie Sanders

Just today it was reported on MSNBC that "Obama doesn’t see Clinton vs. Sanders as a repeat of 2008." He goes on to confirm that Hillary Clinton is establishment and Bernie Sanders is, well, too focused on one thing. Admittedly, Bernie started his campaign and has continued to emphasize America's inequality, but under that heading falls all of issues also being promoted by Clinton:
Campaign finance reform
Climate change
Criminal justice reform
The economy
Gun violence reform
Health care
Immigration reform
Voting rights  
There are more but the above shows just how close the two campaigns really are. It doesn't point out, however, the differences which make Bernie Sanders the choice of voters who want real change. Like in 2008. Bernie wants a $15 minimum wage, Hillary only $12. Bernie wants honest, single-pay universal health care, Hillary satisfied with Obamacare. Bernie wants to control the wealthy and Wall Street, Hillary is a part of it. There's even more.

Hillary thinks that we must work within the framework of the current political system, Bernie wants a revolution to change that and do away with the current disruptive government. Hillary wants to modify the educational system, Bernie wants to change it to free education for all. Hillary not clear on how she'll pay for her proposals, Bernie will tax the wealthy, large corporations and Wall Street. The last is perhaps the most significant in the separation between the two candidates.

President Obama, along with the rest of the Democratic establishment, is protecting the party favorite over the Independent candidate. Bernie Sanders will finally put this kind of thinking to rest.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

In recent elections the concept of "one person, one vote" has been supplanted by the influence of big money. The more money you have, the more power you have. Some citizens participate by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the politicians and parties of their choice. Most citizens contribute no money and do not vote. To paraphrase Orwell, some citizens are clearly a lot more equal than others.

How will GOP Congress exploit Polish Jew Socialist as president?

A Republican Congress has done a commendable job of abusing an African-American President who was elected in a landslide in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 with another...landslide. Sen. Mitch McConnell said immediately in 2008, "My number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president." This dufus has been eating his words ever since. And he, along with dufus 2, former speaker John Boehner, have done everything in their power to thwart everything the President has undertaken.

But here is a list of Obama's accomplishments. Among the ninety by 3 Chics Politoco are Iraq troop withdrawal, passed The Affordable Care Act, Financial industry reform that prevented a second Great depression, killed Osama bin Laden, and obviously many more. You get the picture. But throughout this man's Presidency the beltway bunglers have dogged him on every issue, holding him in contempt for doing the things the American public wanted.

Enter a Polish Jew who is a Democratic Socialist and I wonder what Mitch McConnell will say about him, that is if he is still Senate Majority leader, or even in the Senate when Bernie Sanders takes over the White House? Apparently Obama being black was enough for Republicans, admit it or not. Bernie is Polish; will that bring back the Polish jokes of the 1960s? He is a Jew, but, wait, the GOP is desperate to wrest the Jewish vote from the Democrats.

So that leaves the fact that Sanders is a Democratic Socialist and I am sure the Republican hate machines will make the most of that. Sen. Claire McCaskill has already fired the first salvo saying “I think it would be absolutely impossible for a self-declared socialist to win states like Missouri." These shallow thinkers like McCaskill don't even realize that three of America's greatest institutions are Socialistic: The Post Office; Social Security; and Medicare.

A Gallup Poll in 2010 said that 36% of the American public viewed Socialism positively and that acceptance has grown over the last five years. So take your pick. He's Polish, he's a Jew and he's a Democratic Socialist. Who wants to bet on what the GOP will pick to try and bring him down after he is elected? Whatever that is it won't work with the Bern either.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The assault has started on Bernie Sanders 2

LBJ on Medicare
Yesterday I posted on Hillary Clinton's attack that Bernie Sanders couldn't match up to Barack Obama's drive for the Presidency in 2008 because he "can't galvanize the African-American vote and he will not dominate caucus contests." I went on to show how he was well on his way in both cases. And then we talked about the Democratic establishment and how the hardliners are fighting him in favor of Clinton. Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz handling of the debates.

Today it's the media and its attack of Sanders' single-payer plan for universal healthcare which says he is  "...proposing sweeping policies that defy political realities." Further, it calls his approach on immigration incomparable. The MSNBC piece does give Bernie credit for getting his message on revolution across and almost bringing Hillary Clinton to her knees. Further, "But the substance of his proposals easily crumble under scrutiny."

Sanders senior policy adviser Warren Gunnels admits, “It’s going to take a political revolution to pass single-payer {health care} for all Americans.” But didn't it take something of a revolution for Lyndon Johnson to pass Medicare and for Harry Truman to bring us social Security? No one says the single-payer plan is perfect, but, then, Obama didn't pass the Affordable Care Act thinking it wouldn't need tweets. All great welfare programs have gone through this scrutiny.

And don't we know why there has been no immigration reform passed? A GOP Congress that has ideologically blocked every program President Obama has put before them just because it is...Barack Obama. Bernie's plan for immigration is considered overly optimistic when it comes to immigrant coverage for healthcare, but many believe making at least some coverage available will alleviate emergency room visits and could bring health care costs down.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The assault has started on Bernie Sanders

First Hillary says Bernie Sanders is no Barack Obama from 2008 because Sanders can't galvanize the African-American vote and he will not dominate caucus contests. To begin with, he is leading in the Iowa caucus and in one recent month his ranking in So. Carolina jumped 17%, the latter heavily populated by African-Americans. So the battle begins between two fully qualified opponents with only one with the right mandate.

And then there's the Democratic establishment, "As he faces the toughest onslaught of his political life over the next 11 days before the Iowa caucuses, Sanders will have to go it nearly alone," says Alex Seitz Wald on MSNBC.  So far he hasn't needed this group of die-hard party hardliners. Bernie Sanders' supporters are not the kind who listen to the establishment so this palaver will fall on deaf ears. And wherever they are coming from, new ones are added daily.

More on this tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Re. Oligarchy: The poor are disenfranchised, not by law, but in fact. The young think that voting has little to do with them or their prospects. Ordinary citizens have decided that the political process is likely to fail them, and so they vote in even smaller numbers.

Millennials rule and they are for Bernie Sanders

There are 71 million Millennials and 41% of them support Bernie Sanders and stand 50/50 on going to the polls in November. That's almost 30 million voters tops, 15 million minimum going in the gate. Sanders opponent, Hillary Clinton, is losing voters under age fifty, trailing his 41% at 35%. But it would seem that the enthusiasm we have seen during Bernie's rallies is likely to bring out the majority of his supporters to the voting booth.

Clinton "has lost significant support among Democratic women, with her lead over Sanders shrinking from 45 points to 19 points in that group. Her support went from 64%-19% last month to 54%-35% now." With approximately 52% of the American electorate female, that puts another significant group in Bernie Sander's corner. As an example, there are 688,450 Millennials in Iowa of which almost 49% are women. The question is, how many of these are evangelical?

Of course Sanders can't depend on just these demographics to win the primary. And if he doesn't win, the hardcore Democrats are fearful Bernie's supporters won't come over to Hillary's side. After all he did call for a political Revolution and that does mean a fight against the Washington establishment, and Clinton does represent that faction. Considering the fact that the Bern did bring all these young voters out of the shadows, the Dems certainly can't afford to lose them.

The only answer is to nominate Bernie Sanders as the Democrat's candidate and elect him to the presidency in November.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Concealed carry permit holders responsible for over 800 gun deaths since 2007

According to the Violence Policy Center, "...Concealed handgun permit holders are responsible for at least 849 deaths not involving self defense since 2007, including 29 mass shootings that killed 139 people. That's close to 100 gun deaths per year from those cowboys who think they are protecting the public. It's time to put on the brakes and start limiting concealed carry to only those with a special need. I have talked to several of these people and they consider this a right given under the 2nd Amendment and it is not.

The VPC exclaims, “Our research makes it clear that allowing more guns in public places is making us less safe.” The organization's  Legislative Director Kristen Rand states, “It’s also clear that state lawmakers who weaken concealed carry laws increase the risk that even more of these tragic, fatal incidents will occur.” Like Arizona, where the only requirement for a concealed carry permit is that the person must be a warm body. Pathetic.

Bernie Sanders Sayings

An oligarchy is a form of government in which a small group of people hold power. It seems that a smaller and smaller group of citizens are determining our nation's future.