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Friday, April 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Donald Trump

I think Donald Trump’s views on immigration and his slurring of the Latino community is not something that should be going on in the year 2015, and it’s to me an embarrassment for our country.

Why Clinton should not Democratic nominee

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Huff Post has come up with a list of a 10-point plan being executed by the Democratic Party to lose the 2016 Presidential election. I would like to cover them a couple at a time.

Number one: Assume that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, when it is clear he will not. There's some pretty good reasoning and not too shabby math in this conclusion but Trump, like Bernie Sanders, has had his share of surprises in this race that has kept the former in the lead and the latter in a very strong contender's position.

Number two: The Dems attempt to nominate the only one of the two Democratic candidates who is almost guaranteed to reunite the Republican Party. You think Mitch McConnell hates Barack Obama, there is nothing that will bring the GOP together quicker than its hatred of the Clintons. Huff Post says, "Hillary Clinton is one of the least popular major-party politicians in America, and her disapproval rating is not just sky-high among Republicans..."

We can thank Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the direction of the Democratic nominating process, something she has clearly steered to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Sanders ratings against Trump and Cruz are better than Clinton's but due to Schultz' close ties with her and the fact that the Bern is an Independent, the DNC Chair is hell-bent on pushing him out of the race. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Do the elected officials in Washington stand with ordinary Americans - working families, children, the elderly, the poor - or will the extraordinary power of billionaire campaign contributors and Big Money prevail? The American people, by the millions, must send Congress the answer to that question.

Clinton campaign whines on and on and on...

Hillary Clinton had just won 58% of the New York Primary vote to Bernie Sanders 42% when the Clinton talking heads started grumbling over the fact that Bernie is not playing fair. Seems that at the time exit polls gleaned from respondents that 46% felt the Clinton campaign was more unfair, only 34% for Sanders. In added comments, "...66% of Democrats said the primary contest is 'energizing' the party," according to CNN.

Chief whiner, Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton's communications director, says that "...the Sanders campaign 'has been destructive' to that point that he is 'not productive to Democrats' and is 'not productive for the country.'" What she is really saying is that the Bern is an Independent, not a Democrat, and the fact that he has won so many primaries against Hillary is embarrassing the party. What she fails to mention is the fact that Bernie Sanders is consistently committed.

But the numbers are that Sanders won 106 delegates in New York to Clinton's 139 for a total of 1,199 pledged to 1,452 respectively. Clinton has 489 superdelegates to Sanders 41, a hefty lead that could be whittled down with the upcoming primaries. Bernie's position, and it is a reasonable one, is that superdelegates will start changing their mind if he continues strong in future primaries, starting with Connecticut on April 26.

Another superdelegate factor includes states whose delegates have voted for Clinton where Sanders was the choice of the popular vote. Sanders adviser Tad Devine said, referring to the Clinton campaign whining, "I hear what they're saying, but what they're saying is being refuted by the voters themselves." One thing is clear, Bernie Sanders has started a revolution that the American public has connected with, and it has upset the Democratic Party process.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Here is what the practical impact of Citizens United means. What Citizens United means is that corporations call hundreds of millions of dollars into television ads, radio ads, and other forms of advertising to defeat those candidates who stand up and take them on.

Clinton favorability the pits and polls show it

The latest Huff Pollster national poll shows Bernie Sanders has shot northward to 45.4% while Hillary Clinton has gone south to 48.3%. She was at 52.2% on March 6, Bernie at 39.7%. And on April 9, Ipsos/Reuters found the Bern ahead at 49%, Clinton 48%. Go figure, because these differences prove that polling hasn't yet reached a scientific or technological level where it can't be challenged. But there is one poll that should be confusing to any Bernie Sanders supporter.

Favorability. How is it that Hillary Clinton with a net favorability rating of -24--higher than Ted Cruz at -23--is ahead in national polls when Bernie Sanders' net favorability is a +9? That's a spread of 32 points and a significant number which may turn  superdelegate heads even more toward the Bern, especially if he does well in New York. A lot of people don't like the candidate they vote for but do so because he or she is best qualified. Bernie is well liked and he's qualified.

I detest mentioning the name but a Republican candidate with the initials DT is a poll of another color. Since these pollsters are the same ones that do all the polls, you have to wonder if the whole thing is actually a colossal sham...or could it just be  the stupidity of the American conservative public?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.

Bernie Sanders withing 2 points of Clinton latest national poll

In a brand-new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Bernie Sanders has romped to within two points of Hillary Clinton, 50% to 48%, on the eve of the New York Primary. Clinton has been favored in Gotham, but the Bern has steadily chipped away at that lead, reducing it from 48 points to only 6. The national 2 point lead is down from Clinton's 9 points a month ago. It is this brand of consistent momentum we have experienced from the beginning of Bernie's campaign.

What we have to consider is that we are in the second half of the primary races; every pledged delegate counts. Perhaps oversimplified, but indicative that we can't take even the smallest states that are left for granted like Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island or Indiana. A major win in these states, plus New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania, should help convince superdelegates who are supporting Clinton to take another look at what their constituency wants.

More important facts for Bernie Sanders: He leads 15 points among women (57 percent to 42 percent); Clinton's lead among minorities drops from 59 percent to 41 percent; Sanders leads among men by 17 points (58 percent to 41 percent), whites (53 percent to 44 percent) and those ages 18 to 49 (66 percent to 34 percent). These are all meaningful numbers and trends that, by experience, we can be assured will only improve the Bern's chances for the nomination.

Monday, April 18, 2016

George Clooney trashes money raised for Hillary Clinton

Would you pay $353,000 to sit at a table with George Clooney at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser? Even Clooney himself thought it was "ridiculous." This is his comment:
"It is an obscene amount of money, the Sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we have this kind of money in politics."
Bernie Sanders, of course, agrees, and has been pointing out this fact since he started his run for the Presidency, that big money owns politicians and why would the wealthy and large corporations contribute such enormous sums if they didn't expect something for it. George Clooney probably doesn't expect anything from Clinton, I suspect. After all, what could he need? My gut tells me, he is like most of the rest of us; he just doesn't want a Republican in the White House.

Bernie Sanders surges to within 6 points in New York

After a 48 point deficit in the New York Primary from only one month ago, the polls now show Bernie Sanders at 47% and Hillary Clinton 53%. This is the way it always happens, folks, and just keeps getting better. The Bern's team has set up an optimistic goal for 15,000 volunteers making two calls each in New York. You can volunteer here. Now keep in mind that he doesn't have to win, just pick up a sizable amount of delegates. So please do your part today. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders sayings

If we are serious about moving toward energy independence in a cost-effective way, we should invest in solar energy. If we are serious about cutting air and water pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we should invest in solar energy.

Bernie sander's track record going into Wisconsin Primary

As we approach the important Wisconsin primary tomorrow, below is a reminder of Bernie Sander's recent track record. These are not only wins, they are significant wins that should illustrate to the political community just how important this Progressive's candidacy is in the Presidential race. Wisconsin is the gateway to the New York Primary on Tuesday, April 19, followed by other big states like Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey. Here are the recent ones.

Democrats Abroad - 3/21
Bernie Sanders: 69% (9 delegates)
Hillary Clinton: 31% (4 delegates)

Idaho - 3/22
Bernie Sanders: 78% (17 delegates)
Hillary Clinton: 21% (5 delegates)

Utah - 3/22
Bernie Sanders: 79% (26 delegates)
Hillary Clinton: 20% (6 delegates)

Alaska - 3/26
Bernie Sanders: 82% (13 delegates)
Hillary Clinton: 18% (3 delegates)

Hawaii - 3/26
Bernie Sanders: 70% (17 delegates)
Hillary Clinton: 30% (8 delegates)

Washington - 3/26
Bernie Sanders: 73% (74 delegates)
Hillary Clinton: 27% (27 delegates)

The latest Wisconsin RealClearPolitics poll shows the Bern 2.2 points ahead of Clinton (47.5 to 45). Public Policy Polling has Bernie at 49%, Hillary at 43%. There are 86 pledged delegates in Wisconsin, 10 superdelegates. Should Bernie Sanders continue this succession of picking up the majority of delegates, it is doubtful that Hillary Clinton can arrive at a pledged majority before the convention without depending on superdelegates. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio begs for money

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
A local newspaper (small conservative rag) in the Phoenix area has published an editorial--sounds like a desperate plea--from Joe Arpaio, known nationally as "America's toughest Sheriff." Arpaio is vain enough to think that Bernie Sanders has spent any amount of time even thinking about him, other than an afterthought from Bernie's wife, Jane's visit to tent city. She thinks the place is inhumane, and it is considering the 100+ summers we have here.

The inmates live in tents in the desert without any air conditioning and where the temperature has registered as high as 122 degrees in the past. I live in Phoenix and have witnessed Joe Arpaio's antics which include the harassment of the Hispanic community, for which the feds have him in court. Yes, big talking Joe is desperate for contributions because he knows that most of Arizona is fed up with him and will probably put him out to pasture. It'll be a good thing. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders surges again in Wisconsin

The latest polls now have Bernie Sanders at 49% in Wisconsin to Hillary Clinton's 43%.  There are 86 delegates to be had and the more votes the Bern gets, the more delegates. All you Wisconsin Progressives, and also those of you on the fence, put next Tuesday on your calendar and make sure to vote!

For those of you on the fence for Bernie Sanders...

The must-win Wisconsin primary is coming up next Tuesday and this state is an example of how people have come to know and believe in Bernie Sanders giving him the momentum he needs to win the Democratic primary. Once proudly liberal, the Koch Bros.-driven Scott Walker has brought the state to one marred by deteriorating job growth whose middle class has declined more than almost any other state in the nation. This according to Pew Research Center.

But help is on the way and the folks of Wisconsin seem ready to replace Walker's backward conservatism with a new Progressive Revolution. Bernie Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton by as much as 53 points back in October. Today a Marquette University Law School poll shows him ahead of Clinton by 4.3 points (49.2-44.9). That's an uncanny 57 percent surge in just six months. So, for those of you on the edge, come on over.

Friday, April 1, 2016

FLASH: Bernie Sanders raises biggest amount of dollars in March

Bernie Sanders has hit a new high in his campaign for fundraising in the month of March setting a record of $44 million raised. It came from more than 1.7 million individual contributions from working Americans; it was the most successful fundraising month of the campaign. The public is not only changing its view of the political landscape, it is slowly deciding to become a part of the Bern's Revolution.

Each month donations increase--he has beat Hillary Clinton and her PACs for the last three months. It is also showing in the polls where he jumped again recently to within six points of Clinton. If you are looking at the race an either undecided or not sure if Hillary Clinton is the right candidate, you can look at where Bernie stands on all the issues here. If that doesn't make up your mind, check out this selection of Bernie Sanders posts from my blog.

CNN reconfirms fact that media coverage is Trump selective

In an earlier post, "Shallow media concentrates on Donald Trump," I pointed out how, even with Bernie Sanders breaking records regularly, the coverage is slanted toward what give it the highest ratings and sells the most newspapers. That would be Donald Trump, the big mouth blowhard that,due to a group whose brains are starving for oxygen supports him. I took it further with another comparison, the headline describing an MSNBC interview with Susan Sarandon.  
But yesterday CNN made this statement: "If Donald Trump weren't dominating the coverage in this election, Bernie Sanders would be the big story." They say this as if they agree with the way the coverage of primaries is being handled, but certainly admitting that, in effect, they're all doing it. The Bern has been the big story since the beginning of the primaries and will continue to play the part until he wins the nomination in July, subsequently the White House.

Bernie Sanders keeps raising BIG bucks

Bernie Sanders has out raised Hillary Clinton several times with his $27.00 donors, which would lead one to believe that Clinton's Wall Street and big corporate sources aren't doing their jobs. Just last month the Bern raised an unbelievable $43.5 million from working people giving just a little bit each online. I know this math isn't perfect but consider this amount divided by $27 and you come up with 1.6 million plus donors. Just in one month.

For those who wonder why Sanders is staying in the race against supposed insurmountable odds against Clinton, this figure should answer any questions. There have been comparisons with the Obama/Clinton 2008 campaign but there are two distinct differences. One, Hillary Clinton is not of the stature Barack Obama was in 2008. Two, Clinton won surprise primaries then but had no where near the momentum in 2008 that Bernie has today. 

NRA uses children's fairy tales to further its violence campaign

Little Red Riding Hood
Just when we thought this organization was at the bottom of the barrel, the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) stoops to its lowest in the exploiting of children. They are rewriting fairy tales, like in Little Red riding Hood now sports a hunting rifle. She's on the way to granny's house to shoot the big bad wolf but when she arrives, finds out that her dear old grandmother has already armed herself with a shotgun. Perfectly designed for bedtime reading to kids.

The stories are written by Amelia Hamilton, a conservative blogger and children’s author. But this idiocy doesn't stop there; in the next series Hansel and Gretel arm themselves with guns, which this depraved author says now makes them, " longer helpless children lost in the woods." Can you imagine what these morons could do with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Latest survey Bernie Sanders within 6 points nationally

Bernie says, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
This is the latest poll showing Hillary Clinton's lead on Bernie Sanders is down to only six points, although I have seen others where he is either even or ahead. Go figure. The NBC News SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll has Clinton at 49% with Sanders 43%. She is down four points in a week, the Bern up 2. Although Hillary Clinton recently turned her campaign focus to the national election, these figures plus more below should give her pause.

Demographically, Bernie has improved his voting preference with men, while Hillary has declined. Sanders with a 47 percent to 45 percent advantage here. Clinton also drops in white voting preference in a week to 45 where Sander's numbers have increased. In the same period Hillary dropped from 50 to 45 in Hispanic preference and 68 to 64 percent in the black vote. We'll see what another week brings along with large state April primaries.

This has become a trend that must have caught the attention of the superdelegates that at some point have to decide just who the American Progressive public wants as their nominee, as well as who can win the election in November. The numbers are clearly screaming Bernie Sanders.

Shallow media concentrates on Donald Trump

In yesterday's post I pointed out a specific example of how the media is skewing articles and broadcasts toward a mention of Donald Trump to take advantage of a ratings hit. "Susan Sarandon MSNBC interview example of media Trump obsession" points out how the barely mention of Trump in the interview leads to him as the headline, as if Bernie Sanders were an afterthought. When in fact Sarandon gave one of the best evaluations of the Bern's qualities I've ever heard.

This all started with a read of The Nation article, "Trumped by the Media," which points out how Donald Trump has commandeered and corrupted the U.S. media. The Republican Party has been helped measurably because all the attention has increased their voter turnout, which in turn hurts it for the Democrats. "On Super Tuesday, Democratic primary turnout was down roughly a third from 2008 levels." But the GOP turnout was way up.

When you tie this all in with barriers created by Republican passed voter-ID laws, and the media is owned and controlled by big corporations, you have to wonder just what is going on. Here's what Bernie says: "In the United States today, six media conglomerates control almost all forms of mainstream media. Consequently, fewer and fewer people are determining what we watch, hear, and read — compromising our access to accurate and unbiased information."

Here's more from The Nation: "Anyone who understands how the modern media shape the narrative, as opposed to simply reporting on it, knows the answer. As of late February, the wrangling between Trump and his top two rivals (Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz) was given twice as much time on network TV as the Clinton-Sanders contest." It sounds like a combination of chasing ratings while at the same time denying Bernie Sanders his time just because of his message.

And finally, here's the ultimate example of corporate greed over doing the right thing:
"CBS chief Les Moonves says of the ratings and revenue bonanza associated with the Trump moment: 'It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.'"
Bernie Sanders couldn't have made his point any better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Susan Sarandon MSNBC interview example of media Trump obsession

Susan Sarandon
I just read an article in The Nation that reflects the shallowness of the U.S. media. It is obsessed with Donald Trump because any mention of his name improves ratings. And that is because a hell of a lot of mentally challenged people think the man is...I'm not sure what. As they say, like minds travel together and MSNBC fits the mold. Susan gave Chris Hayes an outstanding interview on what Bernie Sanders is about. But this is how the network billed it:
"Susan Sarandon on voting Trump:'LOL'" 
Yes, that was their headline today and although it will attract the Trump lowlife, it speaks nothing to what Susan Sarandon said about Bernie Sanders, all of which was great. If I didn't know it was "ratings baiting" one might think MSNBC is pushing Hillary Clinton...or Donald Trump. The Nation article also cites a Tyndall 2015 report showing 234 network minutes for Trump compared to just 10 for Sanders. Pretty pathetic, huh.

Well, here's the headline MSNBC should have used, followed by the Susan Sarandon interview again: CHRIS HAYES GETS THE REAL SUBSTANCE OF THE BERNIE SANDERS CAMPAIGN FROM SUSAN SARANDON. Here it is:

Mitch McConnell gets it shoved in his face

It was the pompous idiot Mitch McConnell who said President Obama's Supreme Court nomination would never be allowed to be voted on. More of the same crap fighting anything the President proposes. First, Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican from Illinois, in effect thumbed his nose at McConnell and said he would meet with the nominee, Merrick Garland, and he has done so. As far as I know, there has been no reaction from moron Mitch.

And then Vice President Joe Biden said, “It’s frankly ridiculous … there is no Biden Rule.” He said McConnell was, "...quoting selectively” from a speech he made in 1992... "The longer this high court vacancy remains unfilled, the more serious a problem we will face — problem compounded by turbulence, confusion and uncertainty about our safety and security, our liberty and privacy, the future of our children and grandchildren." Biden said.

Just today 16 Republican senators said they will meet with Garland. MSNBC reports, "That includes senators up for re-election in Blue States, such as New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte and Illinois’ Mark Kirk, who will be the first Republican to actually meet with Garland..." MSNBC continues, "At least three GOP senators also back a hearing for Garland’s nomination — moderates like Illinois’ Kirk and Maine’s Susan Collins, plus Kansas’ Senator Jerry Moran..."

Obviously Mitch McConnell does not have the backing of at least 25% of the chamber he leads. It's time for this blockhead to be put out to pasture. One thing is for certain, Bernie sanders won't put up with his idiocy when he gets to the White House.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Susan Sarandon on Bernie Sanders-MUST SEE VIDEO

Chris Hayes interviewed Susan Sarandon on MSNBC and any Bernie Sanders supporter must see this 24-carat lady talk about how she sees hope in the Bern for this country. And for those of you who are in Hillary Clinton's camp, or even conservatives who are looking for real change but have decided the Republicans will never have it, you just might find your goal here;

Take a look:

Bernie Sanders buries Clinton in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii

This isn't just momentum, this is a mandate. For Bernie Sanders. He swept the

March 26, caucuses with imposing victories that should convince everyone--most of all Hillary Clinton--that the Bern is far from out of this race, even considering her lead in delegates. Bernie bounded through Alaska gleaning 82% of the vote, Washington 73%, Hawaii 70%. These states are pretty representative of the west coast, where Sanders hopes to do the most damage to Clinton's lead.

Of course we switch to the Midwest and then the east coast in April starting with Wisconsin, then New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Clinton has a 2.5 point lead in Wisconsin, in New York, Clinton with a 20 to 40 point lead, Maryland she is 20 to 30 points out front, and Pennsylvania again 20 to 30 points. Some of these polls were taken in early March so it is possible the results have changed favoring Bernie. The balance of April later.

With the Bern's momentum/mandate from March 26, it is really more than likely he can expect a better return in all of the above states. From there it is a mixture of geographies until we get to California.