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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders Cited For NOT Lying

With most politicians, particularly the GOP, you can never tell what they stand for, and if you did, it would conveniently change the next day. Enter Bernie Sanders, who hasn't changed his positions on the issues he supports since, well, the first days of his political career. I have collected a number of my blogs on this subject here. But Alternet has come up with a great assortment of crucial topics making the claim that most politicians lie about them...but not Bernie Sanders.

  1. Bernie Sanders says that many in the banking system are too big to fail and should be broken up.
  2. Sanders supports the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare but thinks it doesn't go far enough. He wants to establish a nationwide, government-operated single-payer system like Sweden.
  3. Thumbs down on the Trans Pacific Partnership, primarily because of the loss of jobs.
  4. He's hell-bent on changing the growing inequality, exclaiming that the more the American middle-class erodes, the less spending power it has.
  5. Raise the minimum wage; it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

These are the top five and the remaining five are just as important to Progressives. It will be interesting in the coming months just how important these ten issues become for the 2016 election.

UK PM David Cameron Catches Scott Walker in Lie

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is considering running for President in 2016, says the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron told him directly "that he’s unsatisfied with American leadership." Apparently Walker has been scurrying around the world to learn something about foreign policy, a trek that obviously failed. In trying to degrade President Obama, he told a group of Republicans "that world leaders, including Cameron, are worried about the U.S. stepping back in the world." He said he heard it from David Cameron at 10 Downing.

Cameron quickly suggested that Scott Walker "has no idea what he’s talking about." One of the Prime Minister's spokespersons added, "The Prime Minister did not say that and does not think that." Well, isn't that a revolting development for a man who wants to be President and is known for his gaffs. Back in February when he was asked about how he would handle ISIS, his response was “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe.” The 100,000 he refers to are those labor protesters in Wisconsin. The National Review called his response "awful."

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Guns and Violence-The Two Go Together

Both make headlines two days in a row. The first on Sunday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Some irresponsible gun owner discharged the weapon in his pocket and the ricocheted bullet grazed a woman's head; she was probably a millimeter from death. Four other people were injured by shattered glass and debris, but there was no indication the man would be charged. Now this was an incident where someone was almost killed by a harebrained concealed gun carrier that apparently did not secure a weapon he was carrying around in his pocket. This is why gun control advocates want these guns off the street and kept in the home.

And yet another more violent incident in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday where a 16-year-old boy murdered four and injured one woman. The kid was charged with murder and kidnapping, the latter which police did not explain, nor did they disclose a motive. The same question arises, where did the boy get the gun? Until we can answer this following every gun death, the slaughter will continue.

Tattooed Christians are Doomed

A site by the name of Rapture Ready is saying real Christians shouldn't have tattoos. Here's the reference:

Lev. 19:28 says, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.” Yet RR adds that DEATH is the number one tattoo.

Continuing, "it's not Christian, it is associated with paganism, demonism, Baal worship, shamanism, mysticism, heathenism, cannibalism and many other pagan beliefs."

RR says the Bible also condemns all rebellion, which is only realistic in a perfect world, not the kind we live in today. Further, "the tattoo has always been an indication of a spirit of rebellion and deviancy on its wearers," claiming that the Biblical passages "declare that rebellion is as bad as witchcraft."

Okay, I personally know several people who profess to be good Christians that have multiple tattoos. The site reiterates over and over that the tattoo has its roots in beliefs and practices that are demonic and pagan, continuing..."it is intended to put the human soul in harmony with supernatural forces."

I am sure the tattooed Christians I know have no idea they are headed for hell and damnation, but even the strongest of believers should wonder about some of the statements made on this site. Rapture Ready claims the end is very near so you tattooed Christians had better start scrubbing today.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Chris Christie Just Raised Democrat Chances in 2016

No matter who runs as the Democratic candidate in the 2016 General election, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a potential Republican candidate himself, just moved the Democrats closer to the presidency. Christie said, “Listen, first off, I thought that Elizabeth Warren wasn’t running for president. But when I listened to Hillary yesterday, it sounds like liberal political consultants put together that speech.” What this means is that both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have moved Clinton further to the left where the Democratic voters will be in 2016.  Warren still claims she is not running but Bernie is hot on the trail and very close to being a highly competitive candidate to win the primary.

In the MSNBC article Christie questions whether Hillary Clinton really understands the everyday issues Americans face. She doesn't listen to them and she never answers questions he claimed. In a recent interview with NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell, Bernie Sanders made the remark that he didn't understand how anyone could run for president without answering questions. Bernie thrives on making it known what he stands for by being responsive to the public and the press. The big difference here seems to be that Hillary Clinton is carefully orchestrating her campaign with limitations that sometime reflect negatively on the candidate. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, says simply this is what I am, what I stand for and ask me if there is anything you don't understand. Then, he answers them.

Bernie Sanders Shocks With New Poll

New Hampshire: BREAKING NEWS

Bernie Sanders comes withing ten points of Hillary Clinton in latest New Hampshire poll. Clinton 42%, Sanders 32%. Bernie is on the roll!

Bernie Sanders Talks Obscene Wealth

In Iowa on Saturday Bernie Sanders talked about the obscene wealth in America. He was referring to billionaires like the KOCH Bros. that just keep taking but never really giving in return. Yes, I know about the KOCH family foundations but what they offer there is far smaller than what they suck out of this nation. And part of their philanthropy is no doubt to benefit their many conservative causes which lobby against issues like universal health care and climate change. KOCH industries is the top water polluter in the U.S. with three lobbying organizations that have a key influence on U.S. public policy, which accounts for a bought and paid for Republican Congress and some Democrats.

Here are the wealthiest in the U.S., but with distinct differences in character. There is Bill Gates, #1 at $79.4 billion followed by Warren Buffett #2 at $68.9 billion, then Oracle founder and former CEO, Larry Ellison, $54.5 billion. These three are followed by the dregs of billionaires, Charles and David Koch worth $41.6 billion each. And then comes the difference. Don't know much about Ellison but do know that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have both pledged half of their fortunes to charity. And they have done it without attempting to take over the political reins of the United States and run it as a part of KOCH Industries. And that is what Bernie Sanders was talking about to large crowds this last Saturday in Iowa.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

IKEA to Invest Billion Dollars in the Environment

The Scandanavians are in the news for investing big in cleaning up the environment. IKEA, based in Sweden, announced it will spend one billion euros (1.13 billion dollars) over the next five years to address climate change. While in the U.S. a Think Progress analysis found that "over 58 percent" of congressional Republicans refuse to accept the science of climate change. Go figure. IKEA's decision was partially the result of a survey taken last year with the finding that 41% of the store's customers think the company “takes social and environmental responsibility.” Now that's a refreshing change to some American companies that simply concentrate on polluting the environment.

Forbes magazine has published an article with 11 U.S. companies that are considered best for the environment. Among them are Seventh Generation and Go Lite, but there is also the other side...our country's big polluters. Just recently Environment America released "Polluting Politics" a report that analyzes spending on federal lobbying and campaign contributions by companies releasing the most toxic chemicals into U.S. waterways. Guess who tops the list of water polluters who spend the most politically to prevent environmental policies? KOCH Industries. But they are just one; others include Tyson Foods, Dept. Of Defense, Cargill, U.S. Steel and Phillips 66. And these are only water polluters.

The environment has taken a series of hits that many climate scientists have said we cannot recover from if we don't do something now. With a GOP Congress that won't pass any laws opposed by big business, there is little hope we will ever clean up this mess.

Colin Powell Talks Republican Racism...Again

Former Sec. of State Colin Powell accused the Republicans in Jan. 2013, of having "... a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party." It was former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin who used the term to say that the president is "shuckin" and "jivin," referring to Barack Obama. I grew up in the South and that's about as racist as it gets. But coming from a double-digit IQ like Sarah Palin, well, what do you expect? Powell doesn't mention it by name but during that period of time the far right conservatives responsible for racial attacks were the Tea Party.

Move ahead to March of 2015 and Colin Powell again speaks out against the GOP and its continuing racist views. It was in a "This Week" interview when he said “I still see it. I still see it in the Republican Party and I still see it in other parts of our country. You don’t have to be a Republican to be touched by this dark vein. America is still going through this transformation from where we were just 50 or 60 years ago.” I lived in the South in the 50s and 60s when the phrase "shuckin" and "jivin" was only one of the offenders to black folks. They had to live with the "N" word every day, and not just behind their backs, but face to face in a confrontation they knew they could not win.

Racist have cleaned up their act slightly, mostly due to a somewhat less tolerant public, but the seething hatred is still there with little hope it will go away.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Tea Party Lunacy

We know those in the Tea Party live in their own fantasyland of an ideology that if satisfied would close down America. Thank God they have been herded into their own corral and as long as we keep them there, all should be fine. What we can't prevent is their incessant blather carping about everything from Barack Obama to gun rights. Here are some examples:

  • In a recent post from their site, former Congressman Frank Wolf implies that Christians could be going to prison in the future for their beliefs. 
  • Next, the end of this month the TP newsletter exclaimed that the government was preparing to seize 401 (k) pensions setting the stage for “economic totalitarianism.” 
  • TP newsletter headline: "What Obama Hates About Jesus." 
  • The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, said he believes that if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in June that homosexual marriage is a Constitutional right, it “will destroy our country,” and added that “there are people who would like to see this country destroyed.”
  • And finally, back to 2014, fired former Gilberton, PA, police chief Mark Kessler said, that he is a DHS/FBI plant. He was deemed psychotic for his 2nd Amendment lunacy.

The tea Party never lets up but it does provide us with a wealth of laughter in an otherwise sometimes dismal world.

The NRA Doesn't Want Public to Know Where Gun Violence Weapons Come From

The National Rifle Assn. (NRA) has pushed the limits of the Second Amendment to the extent that there is daily gun violence all over America, unabated because a gutless Congress won't enact laws to control guns in this country. The 2nd Amendment is an antique that should either be drastically modified or repealed. There is no hope for reasonable gun control until the NRA, along with its leader, Wayne LaPierre, are backed into a corner and told to shut up. 

Just yesterday I posted on my blog about the death of an innocent 19-year-old girl and asked the question I have been asking for a couple of years: Where did he get the gun? There is no answer to that because the NRA has refused to allow a gun registry that would assist law enforcement in tracing back every gun used in violent shootings. One of the reasons the gun lobby doesn't want that registry is that then many of the weapons used in gun violence might be connected to NRA members. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Overturning Citizens Unlimited Must Come From Grass Roots Level

If there is one thing this country can do to balance the political scales in favor of the people it is to overturn the Citizens United ruling made by SCOTUS in 2010. John Roberts and his activist conservative renegades literally put the wealthy and corporations in charge of elections. The flow of dark money has been unlimited and forced some to rethink their candidacy. New Mexico Democrat Tom Udall proposed a Constitutional Amendment in 2014 that was backed by 54 Senators but was stymied by a Republican filibuster that stopped any action.

Enter Bernie Sanders, who had been an advocate for repeal since it was passed into law, who said, “I am extremely disappointed that not one Republican voted today to stop billionaires from buying elections and undermining American democracy." So now it goes back to the grass roots level to gain momentum for the proposed 28th Constitutional Amendment. John Bonifaz, president of Free Speech for People said, “We have amended the US Constitution before in our nation’s history. Twenty-seven times before. Seven of those times to overturn egregious Supreme Court rulings. For the promise of American democracy, we can and we will do it again.”

Argument Over Beer Ping Pong-Where Did he Get the Gun?

There was a party for Texas A&M graduate Landon Duke in College Station, and now 19-year-old Lacie LaRose is dead, killed by 39-year-old party-crasher Ronald McNeil. The whole problem erupted over a disagreement about the rules of Beer Ping Pong. McNeil said it was an accident but he fired off 14 shots to get the job done which might indicate a fit of rage since he had been thrown out of the party. McNeil lived across the street from Duke and was a convicted felon. I know we're talking about Texas but where did he get the .40-caliber Glock gun? 

Ronald McNeil is currently being held in Brazos County Jail on charges of murder, deadly conduct for discharge of a firearm and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A 19-year-old young lady's life was snuffed out just like that, once again using a gun. One of 300 million in the U.S. With many states that have extremely loose gun laws. Texas being one of them. From now on I would like to see the media leave these stories of gun violence open until it has been proved where the gun came from. Maybe then the public will understand just how stupid is the National Rifle Association's call for more guns on the street.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Dirty Harry" Hasn't Learned to Keep His Mouth Shut

Clint Eastwood, the “Dirty Harry” star, pretended to hold a conversation with a seated, imaginary President Obama, at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. It bombed just like his recent attempt at humor at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards:

"Eastwood was introducing 'San Andreas' star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and referenced athletes who had transitioned into acting, and then he listed “Jim Brown and Caitlyn Somebody…”

Adam Howard on MSNBC reported, "...the 'joke' drew groans instead of laughs from the audience." And Spike TV let it be known they didn't like Eastwood's comment and said the remark would be cut from the show. You have to appreciate the talent of this man based on his huge collection of work, but there comes a time when Hollywood just needs to shut up with the political remarks.
This is definitely one of them. 

But it isn't the first time. Those who have already taken a shot at Jenner are Rapper Snoop Dog, Cavaliers star J.R. Smith and R&B singer Chris Brown, among others. Jenner shouldn't be concerned; she will receive the ESPYs annual Arthur Ashe Courage Award next month.

Has Charlie Manson's Helter Skelter Finally Arrived?

Charlie Manson talked to his many followers about the racial wars that would come, naming them Helter Skelter.  It was at a New Year's Eve gathering of the Family in 1968 that he coined the term. He said blacks without an outlet for their frustrations would lash out in violent crimes against whites resulting in a murderous rampage against blacks by frightened whites, as recorded in Wikipedia. Although Charlie's goal was a Shangri-la for his family and an outlet for his music, what he described as the events leading up to it, Helter Skelter, were very similar to what is going on today between blacks and law enforcement.

Two anonymous Baltimore police officers said, simply, they are "feeling scared." Baltimore PD leaders have put them in a mode of just reacting instead of being proactive, which has allowed the city's streets to run wild, resulting in 42 killings just in May. But in Helter Skelter Charles Manson was considered by his followers as their savior, Jesus Christ, a leader who interpreted for them Chap. 9 from Revelations, which describes, as one biblical professor put it, when "All Hell Breaks Loose." If there is a leader in today's violence it has to be the gun lobby led by the National Rifle Assn. because of their persistence to put more guns on the street, thus, more murders. Racial tension has always been there but the gun rights bunch gave blacks the means to follow through on Helter Skelter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders is Packing All His Rallys

It all started out small but with big expectations that have proved to be correct and, perhaps, surprising to everyone but Bernie Sanders himself. He drew five thousand in his Vermont kick-off rally. Three thousand in Minnesota. Largest crowd of any candidate this year in Iowa. It was standing room only in New Hampshire. But Wisconsin proved to be the best news where he came in a close second to Hillary Clinton in the state straw poll. It was 49% to 41%, leaving Martin O'Malley at only 3%. Although straw polls are not rocket science, it is a measure of the support for the Senator.

As Alex SeitzWald said on MSNBC, " shows a desire for an alternative to Clinton and an interest in Sanders among the party’s most committed members, at least in Wisconsin." It would be nice to see the results of a straw poll pitting Bernie Sanders against Wis. Gov. Scott Walker, another presidential contender. At the end of May CNN had him at 15% support from Democratic voters nationwide which triples where he was a month prior. I'd like to see Nate Silver's predictions for Sanders with these early results.

Sam Brownback Wants to Abolish State Court System

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has now decided to do away with the state court system...if they don't do his bidding. It has something to do with state courts taking away some of the powers of the Kansas Supreme court in connection with 2014 rulings on education. It ruled the state of Kansas failed to provide equity in public education as required by the state constitution. This was a part of Brownback's typical Republicanized budget which has put the state in dire financial straits. If Kansas courts agree with the Gov. they can go on their merry way. If not, their funding is cut.

This guy is almost as crazy as former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who passed the loose gun laws in her state that Brownback copied recently, posted by me in April.

But Brownback wasn't finished. Just recently the Republican governor indicated he was planning to expand Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s (R) authority “to prosecute voter fraud cases.” Even those state prosecutors have decided not to take to court. Voter fraud is a big GOP issue, which has been proved to be a huge exaggeration by the right, and is actually a cover up for forcing a certain Democratic block from the polls. Kobach's new powers are designed to do just that.

Sam Brownback has shown once again just how pig headed Republicans can be and just how steeped in their stupid ideology they are.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hispanics Would be Out of Their Minds to Vote Republican

President Obama does the right thing but the courts and Congress kick him in the teeth. He issued two Executive Orders to protect the parents of American citizens and so-called “DREAMers” brought to the U.S. as young children. Their names are Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) and an expansion to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). They were enacted to protect some 4 to 5 million undocumented immigrants that the President has been trying to coax out of the shadows. Their obvious concern is deportation.

What still amazes me is why this country doesn't understand that if these people were to be deported, restaurants would be unmanned nationwide, there would be no one to work the farmers' fields, the landscaping business would be down the tube, and there would be no one to clean the homes of the rich. And if they are not going to be deported, why not take the step to legalize their residency and provide a path to citizenship. The gutless Republican Congress won't do it but Barack Obama had the balls to take these Executive Actions that the conservative courts are now shoving down his throat. Amanda Sakuma on MSNBC said these folks will probably have to wait until the summer of 2016 before the courts decide their fate.

Jordan Fabian of The Hill reports there will be no emergency request from the Justice Dept. to lift the order blocking the Executive Action. Instead, it will concentrate on an appeal to the 5th Circuit Court in July. Every Latino in this country should take note who is behind the drive to push these people back in the shadows...the GOP.

DNA Has Completely Changed the Death Penalty

Henry Lee McCollum, a black man age 50, had been on death row for 30 years for the 1983 rape and killing of an eleven-year-old girl. He didn't do it. DNA evidence finally "implicated another man, a known sex offender the police had not investigated, despite the fact that he lived next to the crime scene," according to Slate. McCollum, who was 19 at the time, confessed after police pressure along with his half-brother, Leon Brown, who was 15 then. Both recanted several times but Brown ended up serving a life sentence, McCollum went on death row. They were both freed from prison back in 2014.

Conservative Supreme court Judge Antonin Scalia used this very case to dismiss Justice Harry Blackmun’s concerns about the death penalty some 20 years ago. He pointed to convicted killer Henry Lee McCollum as an obvious example of a man who deserved to be put to death. Scalia used McCollum as the perfect illustration of a heinous crime that "stood as a testament to the merit of capital punishment itself." Well, on June 4, 2015, the two men were pardoned by No. Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory.
Each man now qualifies for $50,000 for each year they were imprisoned, up to a maximum of $750,000. They needed a gubernatorial pardon in order to collect the compensation.
Steve Benen, who wrote the MSNBC article commented, "As best as I can tell, Scalia has not yet commented."

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bernie Sanders Must Come Out NOW for Minority Vote for Credibility

The Bernie Sanders team should look at this graph and decide today to point their candidate in the direction of the minority vote. I mean African American and Hispanic specifically. A better place does not exist to prove his point of economic and income inequality than these two voting blocks. I did a post back in May that outlines his positions and voting records on race and immigration. They are favorable on both but Sen. Sanders is not making this clear to the public. If they don't know you want their vote, they won't vote for you Bernie.

Jason Johnson of NBC News did a piece asking the candidate questions for African Americans on whether they should vote for Bernie Sanders. First of all there is the implication that Sanders has slim or no chance for winning. This group did not even support Obama until he won in Iowa, but in Sen. Sanders last trip to Iowa, he did great with large crowds at his events. And Johnson wants to know if the candidate understands African Americans when they make up only 1% of Vermont's state population. He pursues this question with another, "how he plans on galvanizing this crucial demographic in order to win a national election?"

This could be the big year of the Hispanic vote since people who harass the Mexican community like Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been put in their place, thus, many who were in the past, won't be afraid to come out and vote. This could change, though, if voter ID laws persist and there are 32 states that enforce this that you can see hereHispanics voted for Mr. Obama en masse in 2008 and especially in 2012, and recently Bernie Sanders said, “We have 11 million people in this country living in the shadows, living in fear. That’s got to end. We need a path toward citizenship for all of those people.”

Bernie Sanders must make racial and immigration reform an integral part of his campaign and do it soon. Without it he cannot win.

Hillary Clinton Scores With Voting Rights Announcement

Hillary Clinton has come up with the concept that Bernie Sanders will wish he had originated and one Republicans will fight to the death. Guaranteed voting for everyone over the age of 18. She was at Texas Southern University in Houston calling for every American to be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18 unless they choose not to be. In 2013 SCOTUS weakened the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by allowing new restrictions on those wanting to vote. Hillary's proposed law would re enable millions who have suffered limits to their voting rights.
Is it possible Clinton's voting rights legislation will not only help a Democrat win the presidency in 2016, but, if used in those congressional districts up for election, help win back the House and Senate for the Dems? Hell yes I say! 
Zachary Roth of MSNBC says, "it could put the GOP on notice that further efforts to make voting harder may backfire by giving Democrats a tool to motivate their supporters." Clinton chastised her Republican opponents not to continue “fearmongering about a phantom epidemic of voter fraud.” And here are a couple of facts from Roth to support the candidate's proposal: 1) Between one quarter and one third of all Americans aren’t registered to vote. 2) Around 50 million eligible voters aren’t registered, according to a recent study by the Center for Popular Democracy, based on Census Bureau data.
But if history repeats itself, the GOP will leave no rock unturned that could prevent Democrats from voting.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Duggar Statements You Just Won't Believe

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle will say and do just about anything to keep from admitting their son Josh is a pervert. Here are some statements that evolved from their interview on Fox News that were compiled by

  • Michelle Duggar insists that Josh's fondling of his sisters were over the clothes like, somehow, this doesn't count?
  • When Jim Bob shared the molestations with church members he says the same thing was happening in other families with the implication it is widespread. Therefore his conclusion that what Josh did is no big deal.
  • Jim Bob could not accept the fact that a 15-year-old should know better than to do what Josh did, exclaiming, "He was a juvenile. Not an adult."
  • Claiming they were devastated to make it look like they were the victims and then trying to make a case that they had done all they could as parents. But critics responded, "Talking to your friends is not everything you can do."
  • And one of the dumbest comments I have ever heard coming from an adult's mouth, "As parents, we're not mandatory reporters." As if that completely relieved them from disclosing this to the authorities.
  • Michelle Duggar still thinks her son Josh is the victim in all this saying, "He knew it was wrong... they didn't even realize it was improper touch." That's about as dumb as the former father's comment.
  • Jim Bob did go to the police, who indicated later that he only told the cop about one molestation, something the father explained by accusing the police officer of saying that because he had not reported the assault afterward.
  • And finally when asked if they worried about the safety of their daughter when their brother returned home from supposed but failed counseling, "They were adamant that while safeguards stayed in place, they no longer worried about their daughters."
This whole scenario reads like a Keystone Cops movie but there is no humor in the fact that the Duggars took advantage of their religious and political positions to cover up a degenerate son's sexual deviation.

Mitch McConnell the Perpetual Asshole

Don't tell me U.S. Senators deserve respect when they are the low life of Congress. If there was a barrel, the downside would have to be bottomless to accommodate Mitch McConnell. He doesn't represent the state of Kentucky--actually they should be ashamed of him--he represents the legions of hate. This misanthropy started the day after Barack Obama was elected President as McConnell said, “When I first came into office my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president." How can you hate someone like this so quick, and after he had just won a landslide election against Republican favorite John McCain?

I have heard similar responses from other conservatives across the country who have commented on my posts. I've said it before and I'll say it sounds downright racist. Obama put forth an agenda that, although not as ambitious, was not too dissimilar to that of Bill Clinton but the latter wasn't vilified by the conservative right nor by Congress, at least in the manner McConnell has Obama.

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last Thursday that he doesn’t expect to confirm any of Obama’s circuit court nominees for the remainder of his time in office." Why? Is it because the Dems did the same thing to Geo. W. Bush at the end of his second term? Hell no! Here is the contrast as reported by Steve Benen of MSNBC:
At this point in 2007, in the seventh year of the Bush/Cheney presidency, soon after Democrats took the Senate majority for the first time in several years, the Democratic majority had already confirmed 18 of Bush’s court nominees. Senate Democrats confirmed 68 of Bush’s judicial nominees in the final two years of the Republican administration.
I would be happy to revise this post if Mitch McConnell would go public and explain his hatred for Obama.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Arizona Stupid Laws Just Get Stupider-Doctors Have to Sue

The Arizona legislature is capable of passing the most brainless laws of any state in the country, evidenced by the loose gun laws this state has. All it takes is a warm body to buy a handgun and then walk right in a bar and buy a drink. But Cathi Herrod, pictured, is responsible for some of the worst on the books, like the latest, a law that requires abortion providers to tell patients that it is possible to reverse a medication abortion. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, argue there is no "credible, medically accepted evidence" that a medication abortion can be reversed. But this dumb bunch of wingnuts in the Arizona legislature let this radical fruitcake, Herrod, convince them to pass the bill.

Scottsdale physician Julie Kwatra, the legislative chairwoman for the Arizona section of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said the law violates doctors' ethics and is harmful to the doctor-patient relationship. Arizona Republic Opinions states
"The law at question requires doctors to tell patients they can reverse a medical abortion by quickly taking high doses of progesterone. There are no studies supporting this view, just anecdotes and the belief of anti-abortion advocates. Other doctors say they've seen the abortion pill fail when a woman doesn't take the second dose."
"This is a case where the state's response should be:Yeah, you're right, the Legislature was wrong. It won't be, of course, because lawyers are paid to make the best argument possible, even when they have nothing."
When will the people of Arizona who vote for these blockheads wake up and realize they are ruining our state?

Republican Voters Want to Keep Grabbing the Wealth

Economic inequality, which includes income inequality, has been growing at a rapid pace in the last few years making the middle class and the poor the losers. The only ones to reap rewards are the wealthy...that despised 1%. But a new Pew Research study says the Republicans/conservatives like that just fine and want to leave it that way. In the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll this question was asked:
“Do you think the federal government should or should not pursue policies that try to reduce the gap between wealthy and less well-off Americans?”
The results shouldn't surprise Progressives but it should shame conservatives. Republicans don't want to do anything about it and white evangelical Protestants are evenly split on the issue. In reverse, Democrats and Independents support efforts to address the wealth gap and 62% of all American adults believe the government should try to reduce the huge chasm. With only 31% believing otherwise, that’s a 2-to-1 advantage.

Add to this the fact that a majority of Americans regardless of race support actions to reduce the wealth gap, as well as by age, gender, level of education, household income and geographic region. What we have is a broad consensus that this is an issue worthy of national action.

This 62% figure, which includes Progressives and Independents, leads me to the conclusion that a recent post of mine, "Hail-Hail...Conservatism is Declining," predicts the future of American politics.